Summer Essentials - June 2021

Summer Essentials - June 2021

Summer Essentials - June 2021

This summer, things are slowly returning normal after one and a half year of absolute chaotic changes. Last summer, loungewear has been the go-to for most people, but this year, with vaccines available, people has been glancing over resort-wear. In this perfect summer guide, you'll find everything you need to make your summer safe and memorable. 

1. Healthy Meals

COVID-19 is real and it's still very much around. One of the few things we can do to protect ourself is to eat as healthy as possible so that we have the right immune system to protect ourself from the virus. And also, who doesn't want to get fit for the summer?


16 Healthy And Delicious Sheet Pan Dinners For Lazy Weeknights


2. A New Bikini Set

If you're planning to go to a beach or even just to take pictures and put it on the gram, this is your sign to go buy a new bikini. or more. There are so many cute trends on the bikini this summer and you don't want to miss it. This 437 Bikini went viral because they can be transformed into 8 different styles.

3. Skin Tints
If you like something in the land between bare skin and make up, skin tint is something that you need to try. It is extremely lighter than concealers and foundations, but the right skin tint, helps cover uneven skin tone. With 1

2 shades available, this Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint has a good review on older skin and it's known as of one of the best skin tint. 

4. A Lightweight Carryall 

Not to brag, but our Hobo Bag is the perfect companion for your everyday lives. It is the right size for you to carry it anywhere, but it’s also big enough for you to store stuffs like your mask, sunglasses, and your water bottle. It also has internal pockets to keep things organised. 

Hobo Bag in Jet Black

5. Thong Heels Sandal

You've probably seen this everywhere. Prada, Alexander Wang, Jimmy Choo, they has their own spin to this new trend. It's the perfect heels to give a statement to your outfit while walking around town. It's laidback, but in some way, fancy.

Staud Audrey Sandals

6. Spray Tan 

If you can't tan at all, this is for you. Avoid that early 2000's fake tan look with this product. This will protect your from the UV rays while also enhancing your skin color naturally. 

Supergoop! Healthy Glow Sunless Tan SPF 40

7. Portable Speaker

Summer is for good music, because good music means good quality of life. This bluetooth speaker is simple to use, it has a 12 hour battery life and it may not be the best bluetooth speaker out there, but for the affordable price, it's a great deal.

JBL Flip 5


8. A Vaccine Shot

If you're privileged enough to get a vaccination, please do the rest of the world a favor by getting one. Plus, you might be able to travel shortly if you're vaccinated. Protect your loved ones by getting the shots. 

Remember to consult with your doctor before getting one. 


To sum up, when doing your summer thing, please be safe and considerate for others. If you ended up following any of this step, comment and tell your story down below or mention us on instagram @makaronfashion.